389-22(Golden) Hot,Warm& Cold

  • 100% Brand New
  • Contact Seller for FREE Installation Area: SELANGOR& KL.
  • 100% Original Korea 4 Layer Filtration System
  • Hot Water With Safely Lock.
  • Separately Hot/Cold Power Switch.
  • Compressor Cooling Systems.
  • Low Noise Design.
  • Anti-Bacteria Material
  • High Quality Faucet Design.
  • SUS 304 Stainless Steel Hot &Cold Storage Tank.
  • Suitable For Office, House& Motel.
  • Low Maintenance Fees.
  • Easy To Install.

Product Description

Type: Direct Piping

Size (cm): 32.5 x 34 x 53

Weight: 12 Kg

Heating Power: 420W

Cooling Power: 65W

Hot Water Supply: 5 Liter/Hour

Cold Water Supply: 2 Liter/Hour

Voltage (V): 230V

Frequency (HZ): 50


>> Why you should get a water dispenser?
~ Freedom from contaminants.
~ Free from harmful chlorine.
~ 2 water temperature according to the heat and child.
*It’s easy to create children’s milk, cooked rice, hot or cold drinks immediately. Save your time.
~ Saves energy
~ Indicator Light
~ Grade durable plastic.
~ Automatic controls of heat and child
~ High quality Korea filter.