Product Description

Standing Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration Systems

Filtration Stage:
# 1st stage: Pre-filter P.P 5 micron.
~ This pre-filter filter out dirt, rust, and purity.

# 2nd stage: Lose carbon filter
~ Remove chemical such as odors, chlorine, and chemical fertilizer.
~ Protects RO membrane.

# 3rd stage: P.P filter 1 micron
~ Filter fine particles and harmful pollutants.
~ Protect and increase the efficiency of RO membrane.

# 4th stage: RO membrane 0.0001 micron
~ Advanced membrane technology separate and drain out impurities such as bacterial, virus, lime, heavy metal, pesticide, and chemical and produce clean and pure water.
# 5th stage: Activated Carbon Filter
~removing organic material and resistance anti-bacteria from water and have super antioxidant ORP of up to -250mV. Antioxidant Mineral can abundance of negative ions for reducing oxidation at human body, prevent free radicals, antioxidant thus anti aging & anti tiring also. Furthermore with small water molecule clusters and thus is more easily absorbed into our body. Recommend replacement 3 years or within 20,000 liters whichever come first.

Optional/ Quote Extra.
1. 50 / 75 / 100 GPD RO Membrane for Option
2. Filmtec Brand Membrane for Option.

1. Work Pressure: 60 ~ 100Psi
2. Rate of Drainage Water: 1:4
3. Dealing Percentage: 95 ~ 98%
4. Enduring of PH: 2 ~ 11
5. Limitation Temperature of Inlet Water: < 45°C 6. Enduring of Chlorine: > 0.2PPM


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