Yumvon Air Purifer YM-A200

Korea Technology

7 Stages Purification

Input Power: 220V AC

Dimension :348*190*556MM

Weight:7.0 KG/S

Category: .

Product Description

  • TVOC Sensor
  • Ioniser
  • Quiet Operation
  • Timer Mode
  • UV Lamp
  • Sleep and Auto mode
  • Speed Level 3 mode
  • Coverage Area 45m² / 480ft
  • Touch control, operate easily. Digital detection display, high-end and fashion
  • Multi-layer and different filters for better removing allergens, bacterial, dust and smoke.
  • The power will stop automatically when it fall down to 60˚, but work normally when it is upright.
  • Three colors represent three level of air quality: red for poor, purple for good, and blue for excellent.